Description Edit

Zen Mode is one of five Game Mods of gameplay available to play if you have Premium Upgrade. It has a purpose is to simply for players to relax, enjoy the music and watch the patterns the lasers, glass,Rotation platform and crystals make. The player can throw balls in this mode, but there is no ball count and it is impossible to lose on this mode,however the multi-ball bonus is also in here,albeit its invisible.

The entire theme for it is depends on the music that the zone is current playing.

Note:it's also a meditation on this mode.

Zen Mode has hazards, but they are too short to hit the camera, Plus, even if you were hit, no damage would be taken.

Power-ups Edit

A infinite ball power up is seen randomly , even though there is no ball count.
Screenshot 2016-07-13-11-49-35

The menu as it shows when the player chooses Zen.

1 stage object 2 stage object 3 stage object
flying glass panes jumping glass blocks fliying glass blocks
horizontal glass bars DNA strands star crystals
horizontal and vertical glass bars horizontal peopellers pyramidal crystals
lasers hanged hexagons and traingle glass panes
spinning 3 metal glasses star crystals
spinning caspers vertical propellers
pyramidal crystals
star crystals pyramidal crystals