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Zen Mode Menu

Here are some challenges I made myself. Difficulty ranges to Simple to Expert.

Simple Challenges

Boss Speed Defeat

Simple, defeat a boss as quickly as possible.

No-Hit Run

Difficulty ranges. Don't get hurt here.

Crystal Smasher

Destroy all Crystals you see.

Easy Challenges

No Power Ups Allowed!

Complete a Checkpoint or Checkpoints without collecting ANY power ups.

Do a bug!

Do a glitch.

Medium Challenges

Zen Practice

Practice using Zen Mode.

Completely destroy a Boss.

Destroy everything on a boss.

Hard Challenges

1 object only.

Destroy one type of object. (Crystals have to count.)

Supreme Breaker

Destroy EVERYTHING you see.

Expert Challenges

No Crystal Run

Hit no crystals on purpose.

New High Score!

Beat your high score.

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