Power ups are obtainable boosters that help the player in Smash Hit. There are three power ups within the game.

Infinite Ball Edit

Screenshot 2016-07-30-00-47-37

"Infinite Ball" power up.

These will change your ball count to Infinite for a few seconds. Good for getting extra crystals when you're out of balls. However, you still can lose your multiplier and take damage with this, so don't overestimate the power up.

Time Slow Edit

Screenshot 2016-07-30-00-47-55

"Time Slow" power up.

Slows the time count throughout the game, maybe not useful in most stages, but it can help on the second stage of Checkpoint 10.

Exploding Balls Edit

Screenshot 2016-07-30-00-45-58

"Explosive Ball" power up

Makes your projectiles explosive, making sure that glass, metal, and lasers are obliterated.