Multiball is a feature that can be found in Smash Hit. The Multiball status allows the player to throw more than one ball each time they throw. Throwing balls while the status is set to more than one will only reduce their ball inventory by one.

Overview Edit

When the player starts at the Introductory stage, they will start off with their Multiball status set to one ball per throw. To increase the status, ten crystals must be smashed in a row. When the player has destroyed their first set of ten, their Multiball status will increase to two balls per throw. After ten more crystals are destroyed, it will increase to three per throw, and so on. The maximum Multiball status is five balls per throw.

Every crystal destroyed will only count as one of the ten crystals needed. This is true for all crystals, regardless of type, whether it be pyramid, octahedron or 3D star.

The Multiball meter can be seen at the top of the screen, alongside the player's Ball Inventory. When the player first plays, the meter will be empty. Each time a crystal is destroyed, one of the ten segments of the meter will light up. Once the player completely fills the meter, their status increases. The meter will empty and the player must refill it; doing so increases the status once more. The meter also features an image of the player's Multiball status, represented by a number of balls. The number shown corresponds to the status, for example an image of three balls will be shown if the player's Multiball status is set to three balls per throw.

Multiball will only reach 5 balls at a time, hitting Crystals will only gain more balls from then on.

The player's Multiball status is reset when the player when the player misses a crystal and when the player crashes. Should this occur, the meter will deplete itself the player's status will be brought back to one ball per throw, meaning the player must regain their status.

Trivia Edit

  • By the time the player reaches the maximum status, they will have destroyed forty crystals.

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