Hazards are things that appear in Smash Hit and are harmful, as hitting them will cost ten balls.

There are three common types of hazards:

  • Glass: Can break, May be hooked on to metal or on its own.
  • Metal: Unbreakable, used for contraptions or glass protection. Most commonly used on doors.
  • Lasers: Breakable, but secluded by a wall mostly. Laser can't be destroyed, hit the glass.

There are other hazards that don't harm the player. These hazards increase speed, gravity, or even the layout. Examples:

  • Speed: Increases or decreases the speed of the game.
  • Gravity: Increases or decreases the gravity of the level, may be heavy or zero gravity.
  • Layout: Random changes of the layout of the level.
  • Invisible hazards: Hazards, such as cube frames or DNA, may become invisible and impossible to hit. Look wisely.
  • Random Checkpoints: A rare bug that appears when the game is quit or idle at Checkpoint 4 or Checkpoint 7. Says Random numbers, but random location. Quick way to breeze.