Intro smash hit

The first crystals in the game.

Crystals are objects that are one of the main elements in Smash Hit. They are small, blue polyhedra that are usually scattered throughout the map. Whenever the player breaks a crystal by tossing a ball at it, they will be granted extra balls, therefore allowing gameplay to continue.

Each time the player destroys ten crystals in a row without leaving any behind, their multi-ball status will be upgraded, allowing them to throw more than one ball with a single tap, making the gameplay easier. The maximum amount of balls the player can throw at the same time is five, and can be achieved if he/she hits forty crystals in a row.

Types Edit

As the player progresses, crystals will appear in different shapes. The number of balls the player can receive by hitting a crystal depends on the crystal's shape.

Image Shape Stage Introduced Balls Granted Description
SmashHit PyramidCrystal
Square Pyramid Introductory stage 3 Pyramid crystals take the shape of a tall, square pyramid, hence its name, and are the most common crystal shape in Smash Hit, first appearing in the introductory stage.
SmashHit OctahedronCrystal
Octahedron Checkpoint 3 5 Octahedral crystals are more uncommon than pyramid crystals and are shaped like an octahedron. The player will first find one in Checkpoint 3's first section right before the door to the next section. Transformational crystals, introduced in Checkpoint 10, will also become octahedral crystals when approached close enough.
SmashHit StarCrystal
3D Star Checkpoint 7, Stage 3, Checkpoint 5, Stage 5 10 This kind of crystal is the least common in the game. It takes the form of a three-dimensional star. They are first found in the last section of Checkpoint 7, where they are hidden behind sliding glass panels.

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