Checkpoint 9 is the tenth and ninth official checkpoint in Smash Hit.

Description Edit

The theme focuses on geometry, with color schemes of green to light yellow. It also introduces rotating glass cubes.

Stages Edit


In the beginning of this stage, there will be two infinite ball power ups. There will just be hollow glass cubes, and octahedron crystals that worth five balls each until the end, where there will be two crystal stars worth ten balls each.


At the beginning of Stage 2, you will find an "Explosive Ball" power up. The screen will then start to rotate a few seconds later, and you will shoot spinning screen glasses, propeller blades, and fans with five blades. 2 3D Stars Are At The End Of This Stage , The Same Happens On The End Of The First Stage Of Checkpoint 9


From the beginning of the zone until the very end of the level, there are sai-shaped pieces of glass and angled pieces of glass, then in the middle of the zone, there are two big hollow glass cubes with two crystal stars.

The room rotates. The very end has a swirl leading to a door.

4 Edit

Stage 4 has a infinite ball power up at the start. the room will rotate. there are pop up glass sheets , lasers , spinning blades , star crystals and there is 4 buttons at the end leading to Checkpoint 10. Fan-made stage so dont remove the 4th stage guys!

Trivia Edit

  • Checkpoint 9 was the last level before Endless Mode in versions of Smash Hit before 1.2.0, which two levels were added.
  • Stage 4 is a fan-made stage. IGNORE ABOUT IT
gravity number off door buttons object rotating power up balls
low 2 spinning caspers crystals

star crystals

no 2 infinite balls
low 2 spinning propellers star crystals yes fire ball
low 1 shifting vertical glasses cactus glasses spinning caspers star crystals 1 no rotaing 2 rotating
normal 4 spinning blades, pop up glass sheets , lasers , star crystals. Fan-made stage yes infinite ball