Checkpoint 8 is the ninth and eighth official checkpoint in Smash Hit.

Description Edit

The checkpoint's theme introduces new hexagonal figures, such as spinning and hanging glasses. The color scheme is both red and moderate cyan.

Stages Edit


The first zone has two explosive ball power-ups to shoot rotating hexagons from small to large, as well as some crystals that give you five and three balls back.


In Stage 2, you have to smash through 2 slow-spinning spokes and 3 shifting spokes connected to metal disks and there will be some infinity balls power ups and stars that give you ten balls back but they are jailed in spinning metal disks with 8 glass spokes.

Also the color in this zone is White , red and Moderate Cyan.

Notice: The Zone Music Is From The 3rd/Last Stage Of Checkpoint 7

3 Edit

In Stage 3 , you will shoot hanging glass in shapes of triangles , the room rotates , there are transforming crystals , there is one infinite ball power up , one time slow power up and one explosive ball power up , glass cannons , low gravity and 4 buttons at the end. Fan-made stage.


In Stage 4 , you will shoot hanging glass in shapes like squares, triangles, pentagons, and hexagons but the hanging squares has an indestructible metal core. There is 2 "Explosive Ball" power up, and 1 "Time Slow" power up. Leading to Checkpoint 9. This Is A Remix Of The 3rd/Last Stage Of Checkpoint 1

gravity number off door buttons object power up balls rotating
normal 2 spinning small and big orange glasses

crystals pyramidal crystals

2 fire balls no
normal 2 shifting and fast shifting glasses and crystals infinite balls no
zero no fast shifting glasses,sliding glass walls,DNA strands infinite balls

time slow

fire ball

normal 2 hanged pentagons hanged traingles hanged metal glass panes crystals 2 fire balls time slow no