Checkpoint 7 is the eighth and seventh official checkpoint in Smash Hit. This is the easiest level in "Smash Hit".

Details Edit

It is significantly tricky, the first and third stage have glass cannons and moving glass bars. In the second stage, it has a spinning lever and two hammers. It's also the first appearance of the 3 Dimensional star crystal within a glass pane that protect it. In the final stage, it is similar to the first stage but more moving glass bars and more glass cannons. Also 3 Dimesional star crystals can get 10 significant balls.

gravity number off door buttons object power up balls
normal 1 shifting horizontal and vertical glasses and crystals and thorrowing cube glasses
normal 1 spinning 3 metal glasses spinning hammers and crystals infinite balls
normal 1 spinning thick glasses crystal fire ball
low 1 spinning 3 metal glasses spinning propellers time slow
normal 1 shifting glasses horizontal and vertical glasses thorrowing cube glasses star crystals