Checkpoint 6 is the checkpoint after Checkpoint 5.

Description Edit

The checkpoint's color scheme focuses in either maroon or dark cerise. Checkpoint 6 introduces new features such as harder glass panes.

Stages Edit


The player will be faced with faster-moving revolving glass panes and 1 or 2 octohedral crystals on moving columns and 2 square-pyramid crystals on the ceiling. Its music is also the bosses' main theme.


Stage 2 introduces more spinning glass bars, as well as lasers. And this zone has 2 zones together, after the laser part, the dusts disappears and appears hard-to-break glasses everywhere along with spinning glass bars. It's music is also the bosses' intro.


Stage 3 has the same area as the first stage, but moves in a slower pace. This later heads to Checkpoint 7.

4. 6~4 has >×*@>2@*@*×?@?**@<@*×`÷&÷<#<#*÷`@*÷<@@**÷****************''', 555 interesting glass, that

Stage 4 go 2 Checkpoint 7.