Checkpoint 5 is the checkpoint after Checkpoint 4.

Description Edit

The checkpoint's theme focuses around an aquatic nature with low gravity, and introduces metal objects.

Stages Edit


Stages 1 and 2 feature calming music and plenty of crystals. Yet there are platforms that move and also sliding glass bars and hanging hammers. A noticeable feature about this stage is that there is lower gravity, as the balls move slower. After this, you will proceed to the new stage.


Stage 2 features the same music as the first stage of Checkpoint 1, sliding glass panes, and spinning glass bars.


At beginning: explosive powerup, time slow powerup, one octaedral crystal. Then: moving glass walls, horizontal-vertical glass bar crosses.


Stage 4 features fewer obstacles and many rows of crystals. This is a break point in the game and later leads to Checkpoint 6.

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