Checkpoint 2 is the third and officially second checkpoint of Smash Hit.

Description Edit

This checkpoint has a slightly large increase in difficulty in comparison to the last two checkpoints. New difficult obstacles are introduced and a new game-play element is added - speed.

This checkpoint's color scheme is made dominantly of turquoise and other blue shades. The glass here is blue-gray as well as the background consisting of a gradient of light blue with dark blue or indigo.

Checkpoint 2 introduces a few new obstacles which are slightly harder to smash and pass by than previous checkpoints.

Encountered here is a new variant of the sliding glass wall. They are replaced with shifting glass walls, which, instead of sliding continuously, will shift in a steady uniform in short, regular intervals.

Pop-up glass sheets are also encountered, large sheets of glass that immediately spring up when the player is in close proximity, appearing on the ground or the ceiling.

A new game-play mechanic, speed, is also introduced, which determines the speed the player travels at. In the third segment, the speed is set to faster than normal. In the fourth, it is set to slower than normal.

Only the second, third, fifth, and eleventh checkpoints are comprised of four segments.

Stages Edit

Stage Obstacles Description Gravity Power Ups Number of door buttons
  • Shifting glass walls
  • Pop-up glass sheets
This segment introduces new objects which can become a challenge, especially the shifting glass walls, appearing in pairs or seldom. Crystals appear commonly in various places. Pop-up glass sheets, another new obstacle, are also common. Normal 1
2 _ This segment acts as a break point and reconnaissance area due to the lack of obstacles and many crystals. These crystals may appear in either square or zigzag formations. A lone crystal appears alongside the door. Normal 1
  • Shifting glass walls
  • Pop-up glass sheets
  • Horizontal glass bars
This stage is similar to the first one, except in a more enclosed space. It is also set to a fast speed. The obstacles from stage 1 are found here, as well as glass bars. Pop-up glass can appear on the ceiling and the ground. Crystals appear commonly throughout the segment. Though uncommon, glass bars with a crystal and an Infinite Ball power-up behind it may appear. Normal
  • Randomly zero, one or two Infinite Balls
4 This segment is similar to the second in that there are no obstacles. Crystals appear in groups of 2–4 on platforms of different heights. At the end are two Infinite Ball power-ups followed by six crystals on stair-like pedestals. Normal
  • Two Infinite Balls