Checkpoint 11 is the final checkpoint before the Checkpoint 12

Description Edit

The checkpoint's theme is reminiscent of Hell, and features rotating square groups. The color schemes are red to orange and red violet. The level is added along with Checkpoint 10 in 1.4.0 game version. Also, the last zone has more blue.

Stages Edit


The player will have to face spinning hammers, star-shaped hammers and many glass panes and lasers.


Stage 2 is featuring more floating glass, as in the third stage of Checkpoint 10

Sometimes at the start, a piece of glass will come from the side, destroying itself. It looks like an RKO out of nowhere.

The Room Rotates Also


Stage 3 features sliding glass panes and hammers like Stage 1 but with crystals and 2 glass bars moving side to side rapidly in an opposite direction towards each other.

4 Edit

Stage 4 features zero gravity , music from Endless mode and has lasers , swinging hammers and Squares on strings , it also rotates , Infinite ball power up at the start. Anyways , this is a fan-made stage


This stage features spinning hammers and star shaped hammers. Crystals are rarely seen in this stage.

5-2 Edit

The Room Rotates At The Other Half Of Stage 5 , Same For The 2nd Half Of 4th Stage Of Checkpoint 9

Upon finishing this stage, the player will see a sign saying that he/she is now entering Endless Mode

The Door Automatically Opens At The End Of This Stage

If You wanna see a fan-made checkpoint , here! Checkpoint 11.25 , Checkpoint 11.5 and Checkpoint 11.75.

gravity number off door buttons object power up balls rotating
normal 1 slidding vuritial glasses

spinning master glasses

shifting glass panes shifting lasers

infinite balls no
zero 1 going bad glasses and transformational crystals yes
normal 1 spinning master glasses shifting horizontal glass panes shifting vertical glass panes star glasses infinite balls no
zero 2 lasers , swinging hammers , squares on strings infinite balls yes
normal 0 (1 in mayhem mode) sliding vuritial glasses shifting glass panes 1 crystals 1 no rotating 2 yes rotating