Checkpoint 10 is the eleventh and tenth official checkpoint in Smash Hit.

Description Edit

The theme revolves around color schemes of lilac, slow suspense, transformational crystals, and lasers and moving glass bars.

Stages Edit


It opens in a slow suspense, with flickering lasers, glass bars, and transformational crystals, in which can change when you get closer, and then leads to the next stage. This Introduces Zero Gravity Also


This is the shortest stage. It starts with a blast of music and a surprisingly large increase in speed.

It is highly recommended to use "Time Slow" in this stage as the ultra-fast speed will ruin your multiplier.

Because of such speed, the door automatically opens.



The player will face floating pieces of glass flying towards them.

The player will have to concentrate to hit these right. After this, the player will proceed to the final checkpoint, Checkpoint 11. Wanna see a fan-made checkpoint , go here! Checkpoint 10.5


Stage 4 Is hard. There are 6 glass bladed fans and 4 buttons which goes to Checkpoint 11

gravity number off door buttons objects power up balls rotating
zero 2 shifting horizontal and vertical

glasses star crystals shifting lasers

zero 0 shifting vertical glasses lasers and pyramidal crystals time slow yes
1 normal 2 zero 2 jumping glass panes star crystals and flying glass panes no
low 1 6 bladed fans,Jumping glass octogones, infinite ball no