Bosses are enemies that appear in Smash Hit. They are exclusive only to Mayhem mode, and do not appear in any other game mode.

When a boss is encountered, they will hover in front of the player, and will periodically retract back. In this process, the boss will shoot small glass bullets at the player, which can be destroyed by throwing balls at them. The only way to defeat a boss is to destroy all of the glass sides, except for the side that shoots the bullets.

Once destroyed, the boss will collapse to the ground. Only when the boss is destroyed may the player proceed to the next checkpoint..

Overview Edit

Every checkpoint in Mayhem will have its own segment specifically for the boss fight. More than one boss can appear in one boss fight, and some fights also have a ring of glass plates to shield the bosses.

There are three types of bosses that can appear:

  • Single-cell bosses are comprised of only one cell, and are relatively easy to destroy.
  • Triple-cell bosses are comprised of three cells. These bosses are harder to destroy than Single-cell bosses due to more glass.
  • Quintuple-cell bosses are comprised of five cells. These bosses have the most glass on them thus are hardest to destroy.

A boss fight against a Single-cell boss.

Screenshot 20160607-110927

A boss fight against a Triple-cell and Quintuple-cell boss.

Within the boss segment, a sequence of crystals will precede the fight, and sometimes afterwards, with the exception of Checkpoints 2 and 5.

Most of the time with armored bosses, they will fire less bullets as they have more defense over offense.

  • At checkpoint 7,there is a special boss which arms like a Quintuple boss,but shoot like a Single-cell boss.(This reverted the rule of the boss,which is more cells,defense over offense.)
  • At checkpoint 6,there are 3 single-cell bosses (Triple Trouble)
  • At checkpoint 3, there is a triple cell boss.

Artwork Edit

  • Their glass resembles the color to the stage,which will help to camouflage themselves.

Trivia Edit

  • The cells might be the energy provider to the boss,as destroying all the cells will causing the boss to lose ablity to hover and fight back.
  • Quintuple-cell bosses tend to like laze behind the triple-cell boss,this might be affected by the

'Big brother' effect.