5th Endless Mode Edit

5th Endless Mode is the 5th Endless Mode that has 4 stages that eventually lead to Checkpoint 30. It much, like most checkpoints on this wiki, is made up.

Stages Edit

Stage 1 Edit

Stage 1 is no gravity with transforming crystals. It begins to glitch out and send you through from a wall that is impossible to break. The music is from the first checkpoint in Checkpoint 6.

Stage 2 Edit

Stage 2 glitches out even more starting with a hammer that's about to hit you. The crystals actually reverse in transformation starting with pyramid crystals and ending with star crystals.

Stage 3 Edit

This one has more glitches that you actually start backwards. You begin to rotate and spin making it kinda dizzy. The door leading to the fourth stage requires four balls.

Stage 4 Edit

This one is the most glitchy and there are 4 star shaped bosses. Using these glitches to your advantage actually helps you win. After defeating the bosses, you proceed to Checkpoint 8 Meditation.

stage object gravity rotating
1 hanged pexagons

DNA strands

spinning caspers

zero no
2 Lasers

jumping glass blocks

spinning 3 metal glasses

low no
3 fliying glass panes

fliying glass blocks

spinning 3 metal glasses

horizontal glass bars

zero no